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Angstadt .45 ACP Bolt Carrier Group for AR15

Angstadt Arms

Angstadt .45 ACP Bolt Carrier Group for AR15

$199.00 $179.99

Angstadt .45 ACP Bolt Carrier Group for AR15 The Angstadt Arms .45ACP Bolt Carrier Group is created to use in your PCC AR-15. This Angstadt BCG is compatible with Glock style magazines. When combined with the Angstadt Arms Extra Heavy 10 ounce Buffer...

Bolt Carrier Groups

The Bolt Carrier Group is the heart of your AR15 or AR10, so shop from our wide selection of options in finishes, colors and calibers. Popular brands like Faxon Firearms, Angstadt, and Odin Works offer high quality Bolt Carrier Groups that will dramatically increase the performance of your modern sporting rifle, whether it is a bolt carrier m16 or a bolt carrier ar15. You can also browse models that have been rated best rated by our growing customer base. Our Bolt Carrier Group collection is available with PhosphateNP3Melonite and Nitride coatings as well as eye-catching bolt carrier group Nickel Boron coating. All of these BCG finishes assure sustainability, weather resistance, and truly reliable performance. For ultra enhanced reliability, check which models have been high pressure tested or have passed Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) for QA. If you need help deciding which Bolt Carrier Group to upgrade your AR15 or M16, or other rifle with, please use the phone number at the top of our website to call one of our Rifle Product Experts. Or get in touch with us via email and we will best serve you from there. Purchasing your Bolt Carrier Groups, or Bolt Carrier Group and Charging Handle from PrecisionOutdoors.org means getting incredible service and great gun parts at a great price. Plus lightning fast shipping and hassle-free returns.

Types of AR-15 bolt carrier groups:

One of the beauties of the AR-15 platform is the ability to switch calibers by swapping a complete upper or replacing the barrel, bolt and magazine on your rifle. This article will focus on BCG types and coatings,not calibers. Most of the same options discussed are applicable to the numerous calibers you can build as direct impingement ARs.

There are essentially 3 types of AR-15 BCGs:

- M16 (full-auto rated).

- AR-15 (semi-auto rated).

- And low mass/lightweight.

There are some subtle and not so subtle differences amongst the types. For simplicity sake, the design differences come down to mass and weight as pictured below.

The M16 BCG is the design used by the military and it's the one that is rated for full-auto. Whenever someone is referencing the full-auto BCG, they are usually referring to the M16 BCG, but do not be alarmed by that. By itself, an M16 bolt carrier group does not turn an AR into a machine gun and it is not a regulated gun part. M16 BCG is heavier by design to slow the rate of fire when automatic or burst is selected on the rifle.

All mil-spec BCG’s will carry the M16 type and it is also the most common BCG type in the USA. Mil-spec BCG’s carry an average weight of 11.6 ounces and require a 3-5 ounce buffer to properly cycle through.

In the Community of AR15 enthusiasts, there is a strong segment that wants everything on their AR-15 to be mil-spec whether it's for performance or prestige. The design is reliable, it has been combat-proven for years and it is by far the most popular choice.

But for the overwhelming majority of AR-15 owners, it is not necessary to complete their rifle with a full-auto capability. Plus the extra weight tends to slow down the firing rate while your AR15 is on semi-auto.

The AR15 BCG type reduces weight by eliminating mass at the rear end of the carrier. The end result means a lighter overall weight and gives you the ability to use a lighter buffer. Personally, most of the Precision Outdoors Staff uses an AR15 type BCG when taking our rifles out to the range. 

Which Bolt Carrier Group is right for you?

When you combine the different styles and finishes of bolt carrier groups, your range of choices expands considerably and there really is a solution out there for every type of shooter. Ultimately it comes down to your preference. A no-bs Mil-Spec BCG will always get the job done.

How much improvement you want to make on your AR15 in performance / appearance is limited solely by your budget. While not a requirement for operation in your AR-15, more advanced finishes like nickel boron definitely make cleaning easier, increase reliability, and can add some flare to your black rifle.

The Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) is the soul of your AR15. Your choices are to purchase an AR15, M16, low mass complete BCG... or you can build one from a variety of parts available from the world’s top manufacturers. Choose from specialized coatings such as Bolt Carrier Group Nickel Boron, Nitride, Melonite or Phosphate. Many manufacturers such as Faxon, Angstadt, and Odin Works use cutting edge proprietary coatings and make some of the best BCGs on the market.

The M16 bolt carrier group is again the most popular choice on the market. Rarely do you have to worry about gas system changes or reliability issues.

For the beginner enthusiast, the M16 type is highly recommended. It is also recommended for any type of duty work or if this is the shooter’s only or primary AR-15 where reliability is an absolute must.

The AR-15 type BCG is a reliable alternative for those of you that want to reduce some weight from their AR15 without sacrificing stability.

We typically recommend low mass / lightweight BCGs for more advanced shooters that have more than one AR15 and are looking to increase performance by cutting down as much weight as possible. The Low Mass BCG i ideal for competitive shooters who are looking for any improvement in performance to give them an edge over competitors.

We hope you enjoyed all of that information! Now that you have a great introduction to BCG's, you can make an informed decision when deciding on your next Bolt Carrier Group. Browse our elite selection of BCGs here at Precision Outdoors, your best option for top tier gun parts at a phenomenal price. Here you will find industry leading customer service and lightning fast shipping.