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AR Handguards | M Lok Handguards | Picatinny Rails | Free Float Handguards | and much more...

At Precision Outdoors, we are excited to help you customize your AR15 and add a little flare with your own signature Free Float, Quad Rail, or M Lok Handguard. We are a licensed dealer of industry leading handguard manufacturers such as Midwest Industries, Guntec, BMC, Aero Precision, and Lancer.

Our staff sources a quality selection of AR15 handguards so you can easily customize your AR build, or even upgrade your existing AR-15 and LR-308 rifle or pistol! Switching out and customizing your handguard is fairly simple and just requires some basic tools that you may find in an Armorer's Master Kit. With the proper handguard, you can steadily increase the precision of your rifle at a distance to gain better groupings - every shooter's dream. Most enthusiasts end up swapping out their existing attachment systems and build their own custom setups. We offer handguards only from the top brands in the industry at different lengths, made from quality weapon grade aluminum or steel, configured as mil-spec drop in units for that gorgeous M4 or M16 clone you're putting together.

Optimal High-Speed, Lightweight Billet Construction

The handguard on your AR15 can make or break your build - it is that crucial. A bulky, thick rail that digs into your hand is not fun for anyone. That's why we bring to you and recommend a selection of ultra lightweight handguards that we have in-stock, each of them weighing just a few ounces. Each handguard from our top brands is precision cut by CNC and polished before being finished with a durable Anodized hard coat.

M-LOK, Picatinny, and Drop-In Units 

We opted for Picatinny and M-LOK assemblies, thanks to their tight and reliable attachment systems. Each attachment system affords a high degree of compatibility with virtually all bipods, lights, grips, and other accessories you'll throw on your rifle or pistol while maintaining low weight and a solid connection. Drop-in units are favored for their simplicity and comfort, especially if you prefer an "old-school" rifle that's a mil spec clone

Which Rail System is Best? Keymod vs. M-LOK Handguards

Here is a quick summary rearding the details of each system. KeyMod is a fairly fairly recent development, invented in the USA in 2012. It was intended to replace the military's standard MIL-STD-1913 rail system. This military standard is more commonly known as the Picatinny Rail and it still remains one of the most popular rail systems on the market, although it is a bit thicker and heavier.

The KeyMod system does away with the external, raised rails and pointy edges. Instead, it's a negative rail system, where as the Picatinny rail system is positive rail system. This affords a few advantages over the old military setup. The KeyMod design is considered "open source" which means any manufacturer in the gun industry can freely develop handguards and rails which utilize KeyMod infrastructure without having to license or pay royalties to the originator. 

Highlights of negative rail systems such as KeyMod and M-LOK:

  • They're lighter. Delivering the results without leaving unnecessary "rail" sitting around.
  • Smaller build. The bulky connections stem from accessories, not the rail itself.
  • Ergonomic construction. No "positive" connectors means no pointy edges when gripped.

How KeyMod Rails Work

For the most part, KeyMod attachments work exactly how you'd imagine they might. Special shaped lugs that are created to provide tension when slid into the key shaped slots, secure a rail section or accessories directly to the handguard. In order to prevent the rail or accessory from coming loose from recoil and impacts, the slots and lugs face the muzzle. The best way to ensure KeyMod attachments stay in place while attached is by relying on the lugs themselves. The lugs are cone-shaped and provide the user with additional tension when fully tightened.

What is M-LOK?

The (modular lock) M-LOK handguard rail system, also intrpduced only a few years ago in 2014, was developed by Magpul in response to the KeyMod system. Like KeyMod, M-LOK is a negative rail system and does not have any male connectors or rail system bits that remain on the handguard when not in use. The M LOK Handguard attaching accessories provide the positive connector to M LOK's negative mounting slots. M LOK isn't open source however, and it;s a requirement that manufacturers obtain a license from Magpul before producing equipments with this rail system. 

How M-LOK Works

Like KeyMod, the positive connectors are fixed to whatever rail or accessory one is attaching. But unlike KeyMod's cone shaped lugs and key shaped holes, the M LOK attachment protocol utilizes T-nuts and rectangular holes. The M Lok method of attachment doesn't rely on directional force or sheering tension. M-LOK works surprisingly similar to Picatinny in that they both clamp down on the rail with simple compression force.